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Berkey Hall plans for spring semester 2024


For the Spring 2024 semester, here are important updates on Berkey Hall as well as reminders for all Spartans of the resources and support available to them after the tragic events of Feb. 13.

Academic classes return to Berkey in spring

As was announced previously, Berkey Hall will reopen to academic classes for the Spring 2024 semester. We want to ensure faculty and students have access to the resources they need for a successful spring semester. We are communicating these resources and tools to impacted colleges, and we will offer increased support, such as the availability of counselors in Berkey Hall during the first week of in-person classes. 

For faculty scheduled to teach a course in Berkey please reach out to your dean, director, or chair to discuss your needs and preparation for the spring. For all faculty, resources for teaching after a crisis are available on the #iteachmsu playlist

For students signing up for courses beginning this week, be mindful of locations when signing up for classes. If you have concerns about taking a course in Berkey, please reach out to your academic advisor, who can work with you to consider an alternate class. For accommodations related to a disability, please contact the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

For all members of the Spartan community, MSU’s Office for Resource and Support Coordination offers individualized meetings and connection to relevant resources for those impacted by the events of Feb. 13. As a reminder for all, there will be no classes held across campus on Feb. 13, 2024. The university will remain open to support students and our community. Classes will meet again on Feb. 14, but assignments and exams will not be due on this date either.

Berkey Hall renovations

We also want to update the community on the renovations being made to Berkey Hall and what can be expected for those learning, teaching and working there next spring. First, there will be no classes held in the rooms directly impacted by the violence of Feb.13. Conversations are continuing about those spaces moving forward, though there are no plans to hold classes there in the future. 

Second, new door locks, as they are across campus, will be installed in all learning spaces in Berkey Hall prior to the start of the spring semester. For more information on the new locks, visit the Safety Tips page

Finally, renovations already planned before Feb. 13 to many of the classrooms in Berkey will be completed prior to Spring 2024. These include new technology upgrades and new furnishings.