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Office for Resource and Support Coordination

In April 2023, Michigan State University took a proactive step by establishing the Office for Resource and Support Coordination (ORSC). Following the events of Feb. 13, our temporary office was created to efficiently manage the university's ongoing response and provide essential resources to our campus community.

At the ORSC, our primary objective is to offer support to all members of our university community impacted by the events of Feb. 13. We recognize that recovery is a process that requires practical assistance, which is why our team is dedicated to offering a range of valuable resources from counseling services and mental health support to academic and financial resources.

In addition to providing continuous support coordination for survivors and their families, our immediate focus is on four key objectives:

  • coordinated care,
  • trauma-informed communication,
  • safety and security measures, and
  • long-term resilience.

To learn more about these objectives, visit our About Us page.

To contact our office, please email us at

As we move forward, our commitment remains strong. Explore our website to learn more about the ways in which MSU is dedicated to supporting you.