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Campus Support Resources

In light of the tragic events that took place in our Spartan community, MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services and the MSU Employee Assistance Program have mobilized additional long-term campus mental health support resources for the university community. 

Additionally, the MSU Department of Psychiatry is partnering with the MSU Office for Resource and Support Coordination to continue providing treatment to members of the campus and broader East Lansing community seeking support. The Resiliency and Recovery Subspecialty Clinic is offering trauma-focused psychiatric consultations and follow-up services. The clinic, which has immediate openings, has set aside time each week for treatment, therapy, and potential medication management for MSU and broader East Lansing community members impacted by Feb 13. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 517-353-3070.

We remain grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support the university has received from members of the medical community. Beyond our own counseling and psychiatry staff, nearly 200 counselors in the community have volunteered their time. The MSU Health Care Psychiatry teamEmployee Assistance ProgramCenter for SurvivorsSafe PlaceHealth PromotionMSU Government Relations, the MSU Community Liaison and so many others have provided critical support to our campus community when we needed it most.

  • The Spartan Strong Fund, which has received $2 million from over 4,200 donors, is providing support to impacted students, their families, and employees, including those who were injured, present during the incident, and in need of mental health care, as well as creating a permanent memorial on the MSU campus. Students, faculty, staff and first responders can now apply for reimbursements for mental health services from the fund. One quarter of the fund, or $500,000, will be allocated to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for mental health services to support individual healing. For questions, please email us at
  • Supported by federal funding, the state of Michigan Crime Victim Compensation fund can support victims and families of the Feb. 13 campus tragedy with out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost earnings, funeral bills, counseling or other expenses. The Office of Resource and Support Coordination can assist those directly impacted by the Feb. 13 tragedy through the application process for this fund. For questions, please email us at


Student Support


Each semester, as students sign up for courses, they are asked to be mindful of course locations. Students with any general concerns or specifically about taking a course in Berkey Hall are asked to reach out to their academic advisor, who can work with them to consider any available alternatives (those options may be limited in some cases). Students interested in formal accommodations should register with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to determine eligibility. For mental health resources, students can contact Counseling and Psychiatric Services.


Educator Support


Educators are asked to honor the modality listed in course schedules and continue the emphasis on in-person instruction. Educators who need accommodations should reach out to MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD). Those in need of mental health support are encouraged to reach out to MSU’s Employee Assistance ProgramTrauma Informed Teaching (TSTN) resources and are also available to educators.

The following guidance is provided by the Office for Resource and Support Coordination; please email with any questions.