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Guidance to Supervisors 

  • Validate and respect that staff, as well as everyone in our community, will have various reactions to the tragic violence of Feb. 13, 2023, as each person remains on their own individual journeys.
  • There is no “typical” reaction, even to the same event, so a wide range of reactions and emotions, from intense grief to indifference, are to be expected.
  • Bear in mind that everyone had unique experiences since Feb. 13, 2023, including those who were not part of the community yet.
  • Trust and believe your staff who express the need for additional time, space, and support.
    • Examples of helpful responses could be:
      • How can I support you?
      • I believe you.
      • Thank you for trusting me.
      • I am sorry you are experiencing this.
    • Examples of harmful responses may be:
      • Are you sure?
      • Do you have proof?
      • You need to move on.
      • Don’t tell anyone else.
  • Supervisors should avoid open-ended discussions on the topic and should not request that staff share their experiences, thoughts or feelings related to Feb 13 or other mass violence events. Providing narratives or listening to others’ stories can activating for those who have experienced trauma.
  • Do not neglect your own emotional health and wellbeing. All the below resources are intended to support you and others within our community.
  • There is rarely a need to develop new processes, policies, or practices. If you feel that is necessary, reach out to your leadership for guidance and support.
  • Regularly make resources available